The Least Developed Countries Report 2013 Growth With Employment For Inclusive And Sustainable Development -

report better business better world bsdc - the business commission draws upon the expertise of global private sector and civil society leaders to investigate articulate and amplify the business case for sustainable development, facts and figures economic empowerment un women - when more women work economies grow if women s paid employment rates were raised to the same level as men s the united states gross domestic product would be an estimated 9 per cent higher the euro zone s would climb by 13 per cent and japan s would be boosted by 16 per cent, gender equality and food security - gender equality and food security women s empowerment as a tool against hunger asian development bank 6 adb avenue mandaluyong city 1550 metro manila philippines, proposal for sustainable development goals sustainable - 1 the rio 20 outcome document the future we want inter alia set out a mandate to establish an open working group to develop a set of sustainable development goals for consideration and appropriate action by the general assembly at its 68 th session it also provided the basis for their conceptualization the rio outcome gave the mandate that the sdgs should be coherent with and integrated, sdg16 data initiative 2017 global report - in 2015 united nations un member states unanimously adopted the 2030 agenda which includes 17 sustainable development goals sdgs the 2030 agenda made peaceful just and inclusive societies captured in sdg 16 a global development priority, jstor viewing subject biological sciences - jstor is a digital library of academic journals books and primary sources, the russian presidency of the g20 outline g20 - russia in g20 the russian presidency of the g20 outline the russian presidency of the g20 outline download document table of contents introduction, documents reports un capital development fund uncdf - better than cash alliance cleanstart development initiative for northern uganda dinu finance for food f4f inclusive and equitable local development ield, world military spending global issues - the 2013 global peace index gpi shows that the world has become less peaceful 2013 global peace index findings vision of humanity june 2013 the top ranking nations on the global peace index were iceland denmark new zealand austria switzerland japan finland canada sweden and belgium, oecd better life index - how s life the united states performs very well in many measures of well being relative to most other countries in the better life index the united states ranks at the top in housing and income and wealth, transforming our world the 2030 agenda for sustainable - 54 following an inclusive process of intergovernmental negotiations and based on the proposal of the open working group on sustainable development goals which includes a chapeau contextualising the latter the following are the goals and targets which we have agreed, financing the growth of smes in africa what are the - financing the growth of smes in africa what are the contraints to sme financing within ecowas, keeping the multiple dimensions of poverty at the heart of - 2 a 2013a 1 key policy themes raised at the forum have been taken up by the un high level panel in its proposal for a post 2015 global development framework hlp 2013 the proposal places ending of extreme poverty as the central challenge but addresses inequalities only tangentially, revised white paper on arts culture and heritage - foreword by the minister revised white paper on arts culture and heritage final version october 2013 8 p a g e introduction by the deputy minister, global risks 2015 reports world economic forum - the world is experiencing a historically unprecedented transition from predominantly rural to urban living in 1950 one third of the world s population lived in cities today the number has already reached more than one half and in 2050 city dwellers are expected to account for more than two thirds of the world s population see figure 2 1 4, economic research federal reserve bank of san francisco - in official statistics manufacturing is the top contributor to u s productivity growth despite its shrinking share of employment however official numbers tend to understate growth among new producers that improve on existing producers which is more prevalent outside of manufacturing