The First Escape The Dopple Ganger Chronicles -

amazon com the first escape the dopple ganger chronicles - the first escape the dopple ganger chronicles is a combination of regular novel and graphic novel each chapter contains both written and novel pages while i m not a great fan of graphic novels i found that this style did not detract from the reading or enjoyment of the story, the secret of indigo moon the dopple ganger chronicles - the dopple ganger chronicles is currently a three book series following the troublemaking dopple twins and their friend erik on happenstance adventures, g p taylor wikipedia - graham peter taylor born 1958 in scarborough north yorkshire england pen name g p taylor is the author of the best selling novels shadowmancer which has been translated into 48 languages wormwood and tersias before taking up writing full time he was a police officer motorcyclist and former rock band roadie turned anglican vicar in the village of cloughton north yorkshire, ask a guy what do guys like in a girl anewmode com - this will accomplish the following things first he ll be incredibly excited to tell you about his interests loves and passions because most people inherently want to share the things they love with people who are interested